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Copy Cat Anma

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Anma Masakari, (just turned 18) a Japanese girl, was the world's only hope to incite her arch enemy Buze, the leader of a Biotech Corporation, so that she could avenge the death of her father, Horoku.

Horoku was a connisseur of science. Formerly known as the smartest man alive with an I.Q. of 295, he was known to be very quixotic for a man of his intelligence. Not only was he great at science, but also the leader of all Animé, Animé related merchandise, Manga, and other paraphernalia in the subject of Animé.

A loved man, Horoku was in charge of the biggest Animé gathering known to Otakus--Animé Expo. Otakus, asunder from everyone else in the world, were lovers of Animé, for those who don't know.

Animé Expo, the day of Horoku's death, Buze was known to cause havok at the exposition, evading, he successfully impeeded the once wonderful day of the start of Animé Expo.

On the last day of Animé Expo, Buze sent his squadrons of his Biotech machines, and effaced Horoku from the world.

Our story takes place 15 years later, and Anma must find with the Otaku's Eye, Fushion, a sword with a trenchant edge that could morph into any weapon imaginable to the weilder of the sword. With a roster and the help of Animé Guardians Anma searches for the help in able to find Buze, travel into his city of Biotech machines, and avoid any danger that could come to hand. This is one journey that Anma can't forebear, but a task she must succeed in to save all of Animé and Manga throughout! For without a leader of Animé, all will vanish from the world like it never existed. . .

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