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Dianne | James | Josh | Michelle |
Robert | Rocky | Roman

Diana | Natalie | Roxanne | Tim

Name: Alex
Standing: Color Artist, Character Design
Age: 16

This doesn't work yet.
Alex is also a kook.

Name: Brook
Standing: Head Honcho Scary Mafia Guy, Character Design

Brook Info inserted here.

Name: Gella
Standing: Side Ideas, Character Design
Age: 13

I'm 12 years old and I'm a cousin of Rocky. She told me the story about Anma and stuff. And I got interested in it, and wanted to help out. I created the character Chinjuu-Chan. ^_^

Name: Sharon
Standing: Side Ideas
Age: 12

I just help around with the stuff. I created my character named Reiko Tatsujimoto. I'm also Rocky's cousin. :D

Name: Dianne
Standing: Color Artist, Side Artist

The name is Dianne- but my online nickname is Dawn so call me that. ^_^ I like anime and the arts a lot. Also ice cream! Ice cream is the best thing mankind has ever invented, don't you agree? ~ahems~I attend an art school and so do most of my bestfriends. ~glomps Rocky and Natalie~ ^_~ My favorite anime are Trigun, Saber Marionette J, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Gundam Wing.. and many more! I'm also an X-File fan! Muahahaha! Mulder is mine! And so is Heero! Mine! MINEMINEMINE! I love you all! Mwah!

Name: James
Standing: Side Artist, Character Design

This doesn't work yet.
James likes mecha.

Name: Josh
Standing: Character Design, Side Ideas
Age: No Entry

*sluuuuurp* ahh.. that's good stuff
I'm just helping with like... the things... You know? And I'm just like, here to... fix some... little... things... *ahem* Like, like the tank. The little tank that Michelle's character has... I fixed it up... good.

Name: Michelle
Standing: Team SAD, Character Design, Side Ideas
Favorite Anime: Dirty Pair Flash, Sorcerer Hunters, and Gunsmith cats! And, dispite how Cartoon Network ruined them, Dragonball (Z,GT, and all of that other good stuff) and Sailor Moon! (Stupid Cartoon Network....!)

Hehe. Oh Yes, Michelle is who I be. I am portrayed as Lynn B.!! Yay, go evilness, in my pink tank!! Mwahhaaa!!....ANYWAYS, Rocky ish mah cousin, (Yay Rocky! She is a great artist, dontcha think?^^) So I think she kinda had to put me in this. Final Fantasy RPGs are the best games ever made and.
UH, yes as everyone here I am an anime freak (*But not as hardcore as some of the ones that are featured here tonight men and non-men, heheh ^^) I like Role Playing too.. Even though I havnt ever had TIME.
Come role play with me ^^ I LOVE PANDAS too!! They are the frickin cutest things in the world. I Also really like PUMP and DDR is fun too (only because im good at it ^^ Come challenge me!!). I love the group H.O.T (Ahh Tony Ahn!! SaRangHae!!) too! Two more things; If you look like this:

And if you're single, please email me. I'll worship you forever.
I'm not joking. Do it now...*****
And: I will steal all Materia in the world, HAHAHAH!

Name: Robert
Standing: Main Ideas, Character Design
Age: 18

Robert is a kook.

Name: Rocky
Standing: Main? :P Artist? *laughs*, Team SAD, Web Administrator
Age: 17
Favorite Anime: Cowboy BeBop (Oh! Visit my Radical Edward site! Note the advertising! ^_^), Fooley Cooley (FLCL), Dual!: Parallel Trouble Adventure, Sailor Moon, Pokémon

Hey all! This is Racquel, but you can call me Rocky. (I enjoy that name better, and I use it for my "screen name" when referring to myself on my personal pages.) I enjoy drawing, spending quality time on the computer, and I play the piano as a "hobby I wish to get better at." I love video games, pro wrestling (Mick Foley's my favorite wrestler; and no, wrestling is 80% real! I swear), Xena: Warrior Princess, The Simpsons (Side Show Bob, Dr. Nick and Maggie are my favorite characters), and of course, ANIME!!! Well, I attend an arts school with Dianne, Natalie, Brook and Tim. Dianne and I run an Animé club at school while Brook and Tim run the club called Dice And Cards Anonymous (D.A.C.A. Visit their website. We all usually just goof around all the same.
I do here, is what everyone calls the "main artwork". . o O ( Why did you guys choose me! Of ALL people! ) I'm still thankful I guess? ^_^;; I am also the Web Administrator.
So if you have any questions, comments, problems, concerns, pleadings of love, etc., e-mail me here: and I will get back to you as soon as you can. Thank you, and Good Night!

Name: Roman
Standing: Second Honcho Scary Guy, Scriptwriter
Age: 17
E-mail: ___

Roman likes amoebas.

  Special Thanks

Name: Diana
Standing: "Someone who wanted to help"
Date of Birth: 3-29-85
Favorite Animé: umm how bout my fav animes are: nadesico, utena, bubblegumcrisis tokyo2040 (i dont care what ppl think!) sailor moon, fushigi yuugi and others that i cant remember...
Favorite Quote: "Me so hungy!" - Homer, The Simpsons

ok I speak Japanese, my fave color is red and black. I have about 3 websites. Here they are

To be continued. . .

Name: Natalie
Standing: Side Artist

Hello, yes I am Natalie, and I am the strangest person here...among the girls of course... not couting the guys...don't want to even go there...well.So I like to draw too..

Name: Roxanne
Standing: Character Design

This doesn't work yet
No information about Roxanne is available at this time.

Name: Tim
Standing: Character Design

Tim Info inserted here.

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