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Copy Cat Anma

  Copy Cat Anma | Disclaimer

Last updated: Monday, February 24, 2003

Copy Cat Anma Team (Alex, Brook, Gella, Sharon, Dianne, James, Josh, Michelle, Robert, Rocky, Roman) own the Copy Cat Anma Story, and the Copy Cat Anma Characters projected in the story. Some characters and their traits are based on other characters in Animé, Manga, and Animé-related video games. In no way are they meant to be "clones" representing other Animé/Manga characters and passed as made by us. Characters are also based on real-life people part of the Copy Cat Anma Team and close friends.

If you wish to write about Copy Cat Anma or draw/create pictures/images of the characters or any other object/person/thing related to Copy Cat Anma, and post it up publicly (either online or elsewhere), please notify the Copy Cat Anma Team before posting up your relation to the story.

Copy Cat Anma is a fan-based related Manga made up originally by Brook, Robert, Roman, James, Rocky. The purpose is to have fun and enjoy what we like doing (drawing/writing/story telling). In no way is Copy Cat Anma linked or part of a(n) Animé, Manga, or Game company. It is all the Copy Cat Anma Team's own.

In the future, Copy Cat Anma will hopefully be a sucessful Manga/Animé. Please take in the information above while viewing this site.

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