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The Guardians of Animé were chosen people by Horoku, personally. He let these chosen few to become a Guardian of a certain aspect of Animé. Each Guardian possesed power in their certain field, and had a certain "lesson" to teach Anma to help her on her journey to save Animé.

Lady of the Shoujo - She teaches Anma how to do the "Cautionary Hammer Hit." Like seen in many Animé/Manga, "cutsie" girls, when angered, were known to reach behind herself and pull out a huge mallet to hit someone over the head with. By teaching Anma this, Anma can learn to be a Shoujo.

Not only will Lady of the Shoujo teach Anma this "Cautionary Hammer Hit", but the power of love and friendship, and what it can do to a person. . .

Guardian of the Hentai - The Power to Seduce. Simply put like this: "Attract a man (with you know, and what kind of means), then kick his butt". By doing this, it would turn them into blabbering idiots, as long as they're looking at you.

Guardian(s) of Fantasy - Sockosai and C.B., great conjurers of magic, will teach Anma how to use basic powers against evil, which will be most useful that magic is not used anymore in the world at this point.

Guardian of Technology - Rooma shows Anma the latest technology and teaches her how to use it. Not only does she use this, but Rooma teaches Anma basic tricks with the technology she has been given.

Guardian of Fighting - Begita will teach Anma how to use any weapon used for fighting. Also by teaching Aikido, an art not used for attacking, but for defense, (and how to turn around an attack towards yourself, and back towards your opponent); Begita will teach Anma how to turn ordinary every day tools like a mirror, comb, and hair pin; into a deadly weapon.

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