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Usagi says...

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Name Meaning: Bunny
Japanese Name: Usagi
Age: 22
Birth date: July 12
Sign: Cancer
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Pink
Race: Unknown

Favorite Food: Potatoes, peanutbutter, sashimi rolls
Least Favorite Food: N/A
Hobby: none
Strong Point: Able to percieve another's inner motives/feelings
Weak Point: Low self esteem, easily distracted
Status: Single - "Not for long you butt-chinned polish tattoed love monkey!"
I.Q.: 404 Error: File Not Found

Education: Some college (recent graduate)
Living Family: Mother and Father
Close Family: None

Personality: The scardy cat of the group. She's strong like Milly Thompson, but acts a bit like a child. She would rather stand back and watch the fight than to fight and hurt herself in some small way. She's very protective of the other members of Team SAD, and if anyone crosses her path by messing with her partners, she'll kick your @$$.
Life: Usagi lived a normal life until she moved out when she was 17. She needed a job, and decided to work with Team SAD, since her apartment was close enough for her to go to work. Two and a half years later, Usagi met Maruko who became her good friend. When discovering Maruko's dream to become an FBI agent, Usagi recommended her to join Team SAD for the reason of not worrying about the government, while she could still be an agent. Instantly made partners for spreading the knowledge of Team SAD to a friend, Usagi and Maruko were made partners and Secret Service agents of Lynn Boisendorfer, the temporary leader of Team SAD Another two years later, Dee joined in their partnership to create a trio worthy of Lynn's liking.

Future Plans: Eat the world's largest potato
Quote: "Ahh the memories... How I long to forget them."

Based on: Natalie


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