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Team Search And Destroy
C.E.O.: Name Unknown (Also known as Lynn's father)
Leader: Lynn Boisendorfer
Secret Services, Division 6: Maruko Kanzaki, Usagi, Dee Gwa
Founded: 2 years before Animé becomes totally corrupt
Business: Bio technology
Product: Machines
Rival Corporation: Buze Incorporated

History: Just two years before Animé became fully corrupted by Buze Incorporated, Team SAD corporation came to business in competing with Buze. With not oly a manufacturing department for their product, Team SAD became a group of Secret Agents with a three-person Secret Services Division just for Lynn Boisendorfer, the company's temporary C.E.O. Team SAD soon became investigators and searchers for the Otaku's Eye. With the rival of the two companies, the chase after the Otaku's eye, and Anma Masakari trying to save Animé with this legendary object, her name is one the corporations can never forget.

Other Team Sad

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