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Maruko says...

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Maruko Kanzaki
Japanese Name: Maruko Kanzaki
Age: 22
Birth date: August 6
Sign: Leo
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Race: Japanese

Favorite Food: Custard, raspberries
Least Favorite Food: None
Hobby: Weapons, martial arts, Black Hat (cracker)
Strong point: Smart
Weak point: Not smart enough
Status: Single
I.Q.: 145

Education: Some Academy
Living Family: Brother
Close Family: Brother

Personality: The leader. Strong willed and smart, but not smart enough to get the Otaku's eye... she did once, but lost it almost immediately back to Anma. She's very cautious, but not cautious enough and this is the reason why Team SAD is.... SAD.
Life: Grew up a normal child with a dream to be part of the government's secret service. But when Team SAD established a headquarters with agents running in and out every day, the dream job became real (excluding the government). Maruko then decided to work with Team SAD in the investigation and spy division (Division 6). It's 4 years after Maruko joined Team SAD and has moved onto being Team SAD's Secret Service Agents for the company's temporary boss, Lynn Boisendorfer. Ordered to capture the Otaku's Eye for Lynn's jealous pleasure against Anma, Maruko, Usagi, and Dee chase after Anma, the owner of the Otaku's Eye. After a few quarrels and bickering with Anma, Team SAD discover Anma's story and slowly turns to the side to fight against Bio-tech Corporations, so Animé can once again thrive into the world.

Future Plans: Help the right side win the battle for Animé.
Quote: "Never"

Based on: Rocky


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