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Copy Cat Anma

  Copy Cat Anma | Video Game

So far, this particular video game team consists of many people (some I know, and some I don't). By using RPG Maker 2 for PS2, these people plan to create a real video game that will hopefully be released sometime in the future.

Again, I(Rocky) have been assigned as the main artist for this group of people. Most of the characters for the story are "borrowed" from Squaresoft's video game series, Final Fantasy. My job, thus far, is to re-draw what each character in the video game should look like, create new ones to fill in free slots for characters, and create 3D models for each character as well (One of the characters, as you might know, will be Anma appearing for a "cameo" in this particular game).

In the future, we hope to have more information to release to the public about this project. You can view recent sketches for this video game in the Video Game Sketches Gallery

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